Regulating the Profession of Dental Technology to the Promotion of Dentistry

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Regulating the Profession • Protecting the Public

President's Message

Photo of SADTC President Ms. C. Makwakwa-Mokgatle

As we begin a new term, and a new journey, I welcome both the opportunity and the challenge of serving as the President of the Council of the South African Dental Technicians Council.

This year, one of the major goals is to revise the Dental Technicians Act 19 of 1979 and to develop a new strategic plan that will support our operational framework.

I humbly accept my role as President of the Council with a strong sense of determination to achieve all of our goals. I know that we can be successful if we apply our resources and talents to the task at hand.

We have a great deal of work ahead, and you can expect that I will rely heavily on my fellow council members and the staff of the SADTC. If we have everyone's involvement and support, surely we will succeed.

We have a tremendous responsibility as well as a unique opportunity to educate, communicate and share our knowledge with our members along with others. Working together, we can enhance the value of our profession while improving the opportunity for others to obtain educational opportunities.

President: Ms C. Mokgatle-Makwakwa


Prosthetics Technician

Posted on 22 Jul 2014 by SADTC

Ceramist Technician & Lab Manager Nairobi, Kenya (click to download).

Posted on 09 May 2014 by SADTC


Dear members of SADTC Kindly be advised that the general regulations relating to medical devices have been published for public comment in terms of the Medicines & Related Substances Act (1965).

The regulations refer to procedures for procuring, importing, registering, distributing, labelling, advertising and licensing of such medical devices.