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Welcome to the SA Dental Technicians Council

The South African Dental Technicians Council is a regulatory body established in terms of the Dental Technicians Act of 19 of 1979 (the Act). In terms of the Act, SADTC is responsible for regulating the Dental Technology profession in South Africa.

  •    Dental Technician at Work...

       Dental Technician at Work...

  •    Dental Prosthetics

       Dental Prosthetics

  •    Dental Bridges

       Dental Bridges

  •    Dental Implant prepared by Dental Technician

       Dental Implant prepared by Dental Technician

The mandate and the objects of SADTC have been established in terms of the Act and are set out below:

  1. to assist in the promotion of dentistry in the Republic;
  2. to control all matters relating to the education and training of dental technicians or dental technologists and the exercising of the practices in the supplying, making, altering or repairing of artificial dentures or other dental appliances or any other work pertaining to such dentures or appliances;
  3. to promote liaison of the education and training, and the manner of the exercise of the practices, both in the Republic and elsewhere, and to promote the standards of such education and training and the manner of the exercise of such practices in the Republic;
  4. to promote good relations between dentists, clinical dental technologists, dental technicians and dental technologists and other supplementary dental health services personnel;
  5. to advise the Minister on any matter falling within the scope of this Act; and
  6. to communicate to the Minister information on matters of public importance acquired by the council in the course of the performance of its functions under this Act.


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Please be notified that the approved fees for 2016 have been published. Please visit Annual Fees.

Please be notified that the Council Meeting Schedule for 2016 has been published. Please visit Council Meetings.

Coding System Announcement
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Please be notified that all CPD and Registry related inquiries are to be addressed to Miss Louise Fraser. She can be contacted on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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